Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

How have I grown/changed? I have by becoming more on task, and prioritizing. I also learned more about technology, and have become a pretty decent public speaker. I really changed my outlook on peoples work, and I sort of view it with...A mature eye.
I am most proud of the time I got voted up for best debater...The debates itself were awesome, but standing in front of your peers, being judged...It's just exhilarating.
The most challenging project was the Thematic Causes. With such a short deadline, and a required long running time, it generated a LOT of stress.
My favorite would have to be the the Lincoln/Douglas debates. Just WRITING what you should say was a blast. Pacing the table, snapping my fingers, and coming up with an idea that crushes the opponents?! AH, good times, good times.
My hopes for second semester would be for me to stop procrastinating. I also wish that the DLC can do more debates, or even court cases! I hope to develop more of a keen eye for projects, and visualizing what I want to do.


  1. From knowing you in past years, you have grown a lot by using technology, and public speaking. You deserved that best debater award thing. You really earned it. I agree that Thematic Causes was pretty difficult. I loved the Lincoln/Douglas debates as well. I liked how we got to argue with the other students. If you develop a keen eye fore projects you would be very good. My question for you is why do you think that you did so well in the Lincoln/Douglas debates?

  2. I think you have definitely gotten better at being on task. You haven't stabbed my neck in a long time! If that doesn't show improvement I don't what is, but more seriously you deserved the title of best debater. That day was hilarious and lasted another week of laughs. The Thematic Causes caused me to have a lot of breakdowns just trying to barely pass the time limit just to find out most people gave up at 3 minutes. I enjoyed writing the debates a lot with my group. You can tell who the one person who be overjoyed about the trials! Anyways, my question for you is what was going through your mind when you were debating and a moment later everyone was laughing as hard as they could?